Student Council Achievements 2014-2015


  • Student Council has worked towards the following goals this year
    • Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
    • Recycle Bins
    • Schedule Ratings and Class Reviews available when scheduling for the next school year
    • Mockingjay Part 3
    • Spirit Week
    • Fireside Chats
    • Bathroom Graphics -- Brain dumps
    • Inter-Major Support Tickets
  • Student council retreat 
    • Played some fun games and got to know each other
    • Brainstormed ideas for the future of student council
    • Broke into groups and discussed student council goals 
      • Officers paired with representatives 
      • Officers get to know representatives
    • Talked about Sub committees and the large goal of student council
  • The big goal
    • Self Health at DSA
  • The Sub committees are as follows
    • School Environment beneficiaries
    • Internal Networking and Cohesion
    • Social Justice
    • School Spirit
    • Publicity
  • Played the human knot game
  • Broke up into sub committees and discussed attendence


-New Council Retreat at Cherry Creek Trails

     -brainstormed ideas

     -planned the year

     -team-building/getting to know one another

-Freshmen Welcoming

     -paired Freshman with Senior Mentors

     -organized a week of events for Freshman and Seniors to get to know one another

     -planning on upcoming events when the weather warms up

-Early Mockingjay Movie Premiere

     -an all-school event to raise money for Inter-Major Support tickets

-Inter-Major Support tickets

      -council-funded tickets for students who want to support other majors but can't afford            tickets

-Assistance for Colorado Student Unity March in solidarity against racial police brutality

-Discussions around student leadership and impact in school

-Raised 300$ for Denver Road Home 

-Open discussion in concert hall surrounding PARCC tests

-Spirit Week

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